Thursday, February 4, 2016

Contest Mail Day From 2x3 Heroes!

Around Christmas time, the blog 2x3 heroes was running a Christmas contest and I was one of the winners for a lot of football cards. I received my prize yesterday but with internet down, I couldn't post it til today.

So let's check out what was sent shall we?

Love this card despite Justin not being in a Giants uni. But once a Giant, always a Giant to me.Going to miss him in the league as I hoped he would return back to NY this year, but I wish him the best on his recent retirement.

Next up some sweet looking inserts! Some rainbow shine on the Ebron and I like the hands die cut of Nelson.

Some rookie cards including Kahlil Mack and Jarvis Landry. 

Some possible set helpers in here 

and in here. Will have to check my checklists first. 

A thanks goes out to 2x3 heroes for the mail day. I really appreciate it! If you haven't yet, go check out his blog.

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