Monday, February 8, 2016

FACEMASK!!! Number 80, Gain Of One Card

Jeremy Shockey was simply one of those guys who didn't want to see come across the middle of the field if you were a defender. Cause if that ball got in his hands, he would simply take you face mask off with his bullying style run after the catch.

In my latest pickup, it seems Leaf took the face mask off of him.


I miss when companies would do more with helmet pieces in memorabilia cards. There are only so many times you can see a plain colored jersey swatch in a box. What about mixing it up a bit??!!!

Recently in 2014, Panini brought back helmet pieces to their Absolute product and I believe it carried out to a few others as well. It was a nice add in and something I was happy to see and pull in that product. There is so much you can do with a helmet. You have the facemask, the numbers, stripes, buttons, straps and so on. Those would make great pieces. I would love to get a prime swatch with some NY on it!

What are your thoughts on helmet pieces?


  1. Love 'em! Would like to see more catchers mask relics in baseball products too.

  2. I am pretty happy whenever some new kind of relic pops up. I like it when card companies go out of their way to add some novelty to their products. New relic types are fun.

  3. I like when unique relics are included on cards, I would rather have a face mask piece or a piece of glove over a dime sized plain white jersey relic.