Sunday, February 21, 2016


You may have noticed recently on here an over flood of Random Card On My Desk posts and I apologize for that. Please don't unfollow or unlike SCC for that. It just gives you some extra cards to look at for now and who would complain about that ;) But I know some of you don't like those kind of posts and I don't blame ya.

I must also note that those horrible posts will continue up until March 1st as I am cleaning out the old drafts before this blogs 4-year blogversary. I can't wait to see those gone! I was going to keep those Random Card On My Desk posts going without any notice of why but didn't  want to lose anymore followers so thought I would clear the air now before the posts increase to possibly 4 a day.

There will also be a few announcements on March 1st so stay tuned for that as well.

So have a great Sunday!


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  1. Blog the way you want to blog. If you write them, they will come. :)