Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hampton Shines!

When I said I was going all out with my Rodney Hampton Super PC, I wasn't joking. This is the most focused I have been on player collecting in some time.

One thing I have been trying to do with this PC is find the steals. Most important at the top of that list autographs and numbered cards. Today's mail day includes both.

First up, Collectors Edge holofoil parallel. These were limited to 500. Yes, I will use the word limited here. (the tape and writing were on the top loader)

90's refractor from 1997, these were done right. They were even labeled on the back as refractors with the letter R

And when you combine Chrome technology, refractor and throwback design(this one of Hampton's rookie year), you have a winner. This is a Topps Archives reserve autograph.
This is just the beginning of mail day show offs to come of Hampton. So stay tuned!

(BLOGGERS NOTE: This post was put together before I decided to do the Hampton Cardboard Craze blog. You will definitely see these cards again on that blog individually front and back and with more detail on each. If you haven't added that blog to your read list, please do so. You can add that blog or check it out with this link, . Thanks! )

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