Thursday, February 4, 2016


This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:


When buying a football blaster, would you rather pull a rookie relic card or pull a rare numbered insert such as to /25 ? Why?


  1. I'd rather pull the rare numbered insert. A rookie relic isn't necessarily limited in quantity like a serially-numbered insert is. Plus, packs with a relic may contain fewer cards and that's always a bummer.

  2. I've got to say I'd rather have the rare insert/parallel. The rookie relics tend to be a small jersey swatch, non-numbered, or either a manufactured patch (not a fan) or a coin card (kinda cool, actually). The low-numbered card is more desirable, because it is far more unique and rare to me. Case in point - I bought a Crown Royale retail blaster a while back. Now, that's the higher end of "blasters," but I pulled a nobody rookie auto, a jersey card of a disappointing late first-rounder, and an Antonio Brown purple parallel numbered to 10. Which of those cards do you think I was most excited about?

  3. I would rather have the #d insert/parallel for two main reasons 1) I have never been much of a GU/Relics/Artifacts/Materials type guy for the simple reason that it has to destroy a piece of history to make the 10,000 or so teeny weeny 1" square pieces. OK so now 1,000 card collectors can have a single 1" square swatch from a single jersey as opposed to a single memorbilia collector having the full jersey.
    2) I also am not a Rookie speculator collector. I like to know the players I'm collecting cards from. I don't like getting a card from an undrafted Joe Schmo 3rd string Strong Safety from Hannibal, MO who went to The University of State Tech.

    Also for the reason that RAZ and Bryan M said the #d parallels are rarer. You also KNOW how many copies they made of that card. With the Relic cards there is no way of knowing. An estimate could be made if you know how many little 1" squares Joe Schmo's XXXL jersey produced and how many of his jerseys the card company had purchased to make the relic cards.

  4. Rather have the insert. Rookie relics are just from jerseys that they put on for five minutes, sometimes several at once, and then take off at the Rookie Premiere. "Event-used" just doesn't have nearly the appeal of a real game-used item. Unless the player does something wacky at the event, what value do they really have?

  5. The insert. Many of these rookie relics are from photo shoots and lots of these kids never make it.


  6. I guess it depends. Whatever card looks better (in terms of design) wins my vote. But if I'm going in blind and have to pick one... I guess I'll go with the rare insert.