Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Am Pro Line For Autographs!

As my great Hampton search continues on, I wanted to knock off some of the autographs off my checklist. The other part of it, I wanted to knock them off cheaply.
Up first, I knocked this bad boy (I call it bad boy cause look at the sharp signature and hand numbering) off my list for $3.

This next one I wanted for two reasons. One, I have always wanted a Pro Line Portraits autograph for my 90's PC and obviously because it's Rodney.
Before buying this one for $6, I wanted to make sure it was authentic and not one of those hand-signed-met-in-person deals, it is, Pro Line tells me so by the bottom right corner.

With these two autographs off the list, I feel some light at the end of the tunnel. But, there is still a long ways to go and many 90's inserts to pick up which are not always the cheapest acquisitions.

(BLOGGERS NOTE: This post was put together before I decided to do the Hampton Cardboard Craze blog. You will definitely see these cards again on that blog individually front and back and with more detail on each. If you haven't added that blog to your read list, please do so. You can add that blog or check it out with this link, http://hamptoncardboard.blogspot.com/ . Thanks! ) 


  1. Nice pickups. Good luck with the rest of the 90s. That third pick is a good tip for newer sellers etc. make sure to capture things like those insertions when taking pictures of your products.

  2. Pro Line is always a nice way to get an auto on the cheap. A great set with an awesome checklist.