Tuesday, February 9, 2016

KILMERing It! Another Psych Autograph Pickup!

In one of my most glorious additions to my Psych autograph collection yet, I have been biting at the nails to show this one off as I bought it awhile ago.

My Psych autograph collection now welcomes it's newest member, Val Kilmer.

The best thing about this purchase was the price. Most list for about $40, I bid on it and managed to wrangle it out for only $16! A steal for sure!

I have been a fan of Kilmers for awhile. I mean anyone who suits up as Batman (Kilmer took Keaton's spot who turned down the role in Batman Forever), how can I not be? (as I type this I am using the Batman trademark voice)

But he has put out many great films over his lengthy career and made plenty of TV appearances as well. He played a detective in his episode appearance on Psych.

So now gotta ask, what is your favorite film or TV appearance by Val Kilmer?


  1. Nice pick up. My favorite Val Kilmer thing might be the silly 80s movie Top Secret.