Sunday, February 7, 2016


Unlike this blog that seems to be slipping a little the last few months dropping 10 blog followers and slipping some in views, Hampton Cardboard Craze has grown! That makes me happy but at the same time makes me wonder what I am doing wrong on here.

Anyways, if you are still blog following and reading, I hope you check out the newest Hampton Cardboard Craze post. It involves a card that is 1:45 packs of finding!

Follow the link to see today's brand new spankin post!
1995 Pro Line Classic Series II Precision Cuts

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  1. To be honest I think you're hurting THIS blog by so often plugging posts on your new blog. I know you're excited about it, but a one-player blog is a bit of a specialized interest. Lot of your followers here, myself included, likely aren't huge football fans, much less NY Giants fans. So some of us might get sick of reading promotion for the new blog and unfollow this one. I know you want to promote the new one, but it's a delicate line to not over-do it.