Tuesday, February 16, 2016

One GIANT(s) Steal!

I am not usually a fan of buying lots on eBay that just state a team, a few pictures of what you might get and what you should round-a-bout get in the lot in terms of amount of cards. That is usually a red flag.

For some reason or another, maybe because of the Giants depressing season or the fact the lot was supposed to come with 4 hits for $12, I decided to take a chance on one.

Glad I did.

First up the lot included all of these base, inserts and rookies.

Totally dig these Seahorns. I miss Invincible.

New Andre Williams addition. Nice Tiki Barber add.

Rshad Bulldozer Jennings numbered to 35!

This was a nice surprise. PLATINUM parallel. May have been one of my favorite cards from the lot. Only my second one of these.

This card sparkled its way into my hands. What a beautiful insert. They definitely don't make cards like this anymore.

New addition to my Jernigan PC. I was surprised to find a new one with the amount of Jernigans I have.

Three new jersey cards as well. Was I being spied on....not sure..

And the lot came with a big finish, one really cool Tools Of The Trade card of my boy Andre Williams with some sick patches. This was one of the featured finds in the pictures.

This was a great buy in my opinion and one I would even call a steal.  I think even you non-Giants fans would agree. I tried to go back and buy a second lot but they were all scooped up.Curses, my loss.

What's the best bargain lot you ever bought that surprised you?


  1. That seems like a good deal and that Williams Tools of the Trade card is extremely cool.

  2. LOL I did a post a little while ago about a lot of Browns I bought on Sportlots. It was great, but not as good as what you are showing. I ended up going back to the well and got another good lot from the same seller.

    I've also done well on team lots on eBay.

  3. Solid buy. I almost bought an Oakland A's lot last week... but I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything like this. Congratulations!