Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mail Day Saturday:2015 TCSP 5 Star Rookie Class Baseball Box

Back when the NFL playoffs were alive, I entered a guess the score contest on Twitter from @TriCitySportsPL and was the only person who guessed it right on and took home a prize. It's been a long wait on it, but they forewarned it may be, and my prize from that win arrived this week. It was two of their baseball hobby boxes.

In today's Mail Day Saturday I am showing off one of those boxes, the second and better of the two, I am waiting to showcase next Saturday. 

So here is what a 2015 TCSP 5 Star Rookie Class box is all about.

The cards inside of the box were all in a team bag which acted as a wrapper. 
My first 5 cards of the 8 card pack were base cards that were protected by penny sleeves. Each card is numbered to 45 and are printed on very thick, durable card stock that has a unique feel to it almost as if it has a plastic coating. Design is not too shabby and all of the players are in no-logo uniforms.
Next card in the pack, also in a penny sleeve, was this gold parallel of Nola that is numbered to 10.

And the final two cards from the pack were autographs that were in the team bag without protection. These autographs are a bit unique. I would call them cut autos as they seem to have come from another product, possibly from another manufacturer upon further inspection.

This one was more apparent that way as I think you guys can see this too. The autographs are limited to just 20. It seems they also have some big names on the checklist of guys like Yasiel Puig, Jose Abreu and Kris Bryant.

Not a bad break overall. I really liked the card stock they use as I don't see that being used by anyone else. Keeps the cards from being damaged easy. It would actually take a lot to damage these.
Now that you have seen the break, what do you guys think of this product?


  1. I have a couple of TCSP cards and as a indie card manufacturer they have their place, they wont compete with the big companies but they do have some interesting products.

  2. Hmm... I kinda like the look of 'em.

  3. Never been a fan of the no-logo concept. It just doesn't seem as legit without them.

  4. Probably wouldn't spend my money on their products... unless they were dirt cheap and I was on a wax bender. However... it's hard to turn away two free boxes. Congratulations on winning their contest.