Friday, March 11, 2016

Not Anymore

With big moves in this years NFL Free Agency, especially for my Giants (WOOOO HOOO), I got to wondering if other collectors react the way I do when it comes to a player leaving their favorite team for someone else.

I stop collecting them.

Sometimes it's not easy especially if they were ones who played a major role on your team or helped them to a championship win. I had that situation recently with Mario Manningham who left the Giants for the 49ers after he made the incredible catch in Super Bowl 46 that helped lead the Giants on that game winning drive. But something about him in this uniform.....
I just couldn't do. Mostly because it wasn't blue. I kept all of his Giants cards, but his San Fran ones were treated like San Fran ones that get tossed in the by-team box. Luckily he didn't last long in San Fran, returned to the Giants only to never see the field again. At least he ended with them.

So how many of you continue collecting a player once they leave your favorite team? Or do agree with my method?  Comments are encouraged!


  1. I'm a Pirates collector so I usually stick to Pirate cards. Usually the only exceptions I make is acquiring rookie cards of players that came up in different minor league systems, but broke through with the Pirates. This was true with Pirates like Jason Bay, Jack Wilson and Freddy Sanchez.

    Now if I was a player collector anything would be fair game.

  2. Yes and no. If I really like the player and the card is priced right... I'll pick them up in his new uniform. The perfect example would be Rickey Henderson or Kurt Suzuki. But for the most part, I don't really need to see guys like Jason Giambi or Johnny Damon with the Yankees.

  3. I think I'm more of a player collector than a team collector, so I will continue to collect a player after they leave a favorite team. If a player becomes a favorite after they join a favorite team I might not always go back and grab their cards from previous years.