Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday's With Rodney:1997 Stadium Club Co-Signers Autograph

One of the best autograph sets of all-time and especially of the 90's is Stadium Club Co-Signers.
These sharp looking autograph cards have one side printed with rainbow foil and the other side plain foil with each side featuring one player. The autographs are all on-card and have seemed to held up well over time without fading.

These are not always easy to find as they fall 1:63 packs so it was more than 1:2 boxes to land one. I never pulled one but have picked up a few cheap ones within the last year. However, the one I really needed to continue on with my Hampton Cardboard Craze (like how I did that), was on eBay and I was short funded to get it. I was fortunate enough that a buddy of mine was able to snag it before it ended and we proceeded with a trade afterwards.

Really nice looking card and autograph here of Rodney..

And on the back is former Giants player David Meggett. I actually was lucky enough to meet David once at a charity event. He has a really nice signature. None of that two letter stuff we see today.
Even though this knocks a huge need of the Hampton Wantlist, he sadly has a couple of other Co-Signer autographs in the set I may never find.

A big thanks goes out to my buddy Bryan over at 90's Niche Football Card Blog for picking this up and trading it to me.

Other than going to Church on Sundays, one of my other favorite Sunday activities to do is watching football. What better time to post about it, hence, this new segment. I am not sure what direction I am heading yet with the Hampton Cardboard Craze blog, but I thought in this segment I could post some key cards I have until my decision is made.

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