Saturday, May 21, 2016

1997 Upper Deck UD3 Baseball Pack # 3

The fun of busting retro products. I think I enjoy busting these more now than I did before.

Time for Pack # 3. This one wasn't as strong as the last two, but it did provide a card for the Yankees PC and still no doubles yet. This also means I am 9 cards into the 60 card set I hope to put together after this box break.

The highlight player to me of this group is Mr. Belle and these Homerun Heroes continue to impress me with it's design.

Pack # 4 might be posted tomorrow or there may be a day off til Monday. I have a review/giveaway of 2016 Finest baseball coming up tomorrow that might take this posts spot. But, who knows, if I find the time, I may just post both. 
So that means come back and check it out tomorrow and leave your thoughts on today's pack in comments.


  1. Man I miss those Products ...that's when I started collecting in 97 ...