Wednesday, May 18, 2016

90's Niche Football Card Blog Trade Countdown Card # 2

Alright, this was some amazing smooth moves on this pickup by 90's Niche Football Card Blog as he helped me land this HUGE autograph win very cheaply. Under $20! That may sound like a lot to some for a mostly no-name actor, but go ahead and check out what James Roday autographs go and list for.

This was probably the toughest card to land from the Seasons 5-8 autograph set as he was the star of the show, Mr. Shawn Spencer himself. So being able to knock this off the set needs was big.
When it comes to Roday's career, he was best known for this role. I am a bit surprised he has yet to appear in anything else since Psych, but maybe that will be a good sign that someday, maybe someday, some other network will pick this show up and give it life again. It was left hanging in a way it could easily be continued with. Actually, a lot of the actors/actresses have had no success since the show. So who knows?

With this auto, I have now narrowed my 20+ search down to 9. But, there are a few tough ones in between that are not easy finds. Really hoping I can do it. 

I have finally narrowed it down to the final card that will be posted tomorrow. Any guesses? Let me hear them in comments!

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