Saturday, May 14, 2016

Gypsy Oak Sent Some Griffeys

Compliments can sometimes be hard to get, but one of my favorite compliments is someone saying they enjoy my blog. I put a lot of hard work into this blog daily and it's nice when someone compliments you on your hard work.

So awhile back, @gypsyoak on Twitter had sent me a message with those words above. I was happy to hear them and he also said he wanted to send me a couple of custom Griffeys as well. Not that the Griffey's were needed as the kind words were enough, but they were a great bonus.
So yesterday an envelope arrived with the custom Griffeys in it.

My first one was this card that's comparably designed to Topps Heritage, but has a sweet touch of vibrant colors that make up the player on the card. This card will definitely stand out among my other Griffeys.
The next one was even a bit cooler. A great artistic drawing of Griffey in his throwback Mariners hat. The card also has an embedded penny and a phrase to go along with it. I hope the phrase stands true as I don't ever plan on letting go of the card.
Some pretty unique Griffey adds to the PC that many other Griffey collectors won't have. I always enjoy adding a few oddball cards in here and there especially when they are done well like these. 

These make Griffey's 810 and 811.

A big thanks goes out to Gypsy Oak for the kind words and for the Griffeys. If any of you have a second, I suggest you follow him on Twitter for his newer works and for his giveaways. You can also take a second out to check out his website where he sells his pieces that you can find, HERE.

As always, the floor is left open to you guys on your thoughts on these two cards.


  1. I've gotten a few of the penny cards off of eBay, but these are new to me! Gorgeous Griffeys, those!

  2. Great looking Griffey cards! He is really talented!