Tuesday, May 10, 2016


As you know by now, I PC Griffey the most among my many other collections, Rodney Hampton is second. So it was obvious to me when Project Pedro Blog pulled this in that USA Champions case break, I had to find a way to get it.
To your surprise, I bet you wouldn't have known this is my very first Griffey auto card. I do have one auto/mem card, but when it comes to straight auto cards, this is it. My Griffey PC is built upon inserts and base card mainly with roughly 12 memorabilia cards. It's a weak PC, but one I am trying to improve upon and this card will move it up a bit.

My only tif with this card is the sticker seemed to limit Ken from his usual signature as it felt crammed and maybe some missing especially on the right side where it very slightly ran to. But, it's still a beautiful card and one I am very happy to have.

A humongous thanks goes out to Shane over at Project Pedro Blog and once again, please go check out his blog. Also, if you have any Pedro Martinez, he would be more than welcoming to trade/buy them.