Monday, May 9, 2016


Now, try not to drool, I know I am trying not to. But, this thing is a piece of beauty.

Shane pulled this in his 2013 Panini USA Champions case break and it was a card I never forgot about. Like I said yesterday, I like to collect the not-everyday-relics.

This is my first 1/1 Game Used USA Flag Patch of current Arkansas Razorbacks pitcher Dominic Taccolini. From doing some research on him it seems he has a very bright future ahead. You can read up on him right to, HERE.

I haven't found any info on if he was drafted anywhere yet, but if you know this info please feel free to share it to me in comments.

I will say this time and time again, this USA Champions product is way underrated. There is some incredible stuff to find in there including pulls like this. I pulled a pretty nice 1/1 patch back in 2013 from the product to. 

Thoughts on today's addition and thoughts on Panini's USA Champions baseball product are welcomed too!

Tomorrow I close up this trade countdown with the #1 card I sought out after in this trade. Stay tuned and if you wanna take some guesses on that card, leave em in comments.


  1. That is cool card. Seen a few on eBay but never in person.

  2. Awesome card. Looks like he is a junior this year and will likely be drafted in June.