Monday, May 2, 2016


As you readers know, I am a little bit of a prospecting guy. However, my approach is a bit different then others as I don't just load up on one guy or another, I try to take a look at each and secure myself with at least one card of each player.
One of those players that came out of the woods that I thought I had was Rockies Trevor Story who is taking cardboard by storm. What I didn't realize is that I was missing him til I started this MONSTER TRADE with Project Pedro Blog. No more though! Thanks to Shane I was sent this Bowman Platinum.

And of course we know all about this guy already, I have the jersey card version and when he pulled this in his USA Champions case break I knew I had to trade for it to make the match.
 The buildup on this trade continues! I will tell you this right now the Top 3 cards are pretty amazing, at least to me. So let's continue more of this journey to there tomorrow!

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