Friday, May 27, 2016

Nuttin But The Hits:2012-2013 Panini Brilliance Basketball

This edition of Nuttin But The Hits is my first basketball edition. One that comes courtesy of a Twitter Guess The Rebound contest from @SCCTradingCards. 

Each of these boxes come with three hits, one jersey card and two autographs and run roughly $40 per box. Some good rookies to find so I am hoping to hit it big.

Let's break this bad boy!.

There were a ton of base cards and a good amount of inserts. These were the best of the best. Can't go wrong adding some Anthony Davis rookies.

Pulled an Artist Proof parallel and almost missed it. You tell me if you would see this in a pack without having to look, once, twice, or even three times at it to see it. These are numbered /10 so it's def a tough pull. Mines a rookie card of Kyle Singler. (may also be the best pull of the box, but I will let you guys decide that)

My first hit. Marc Gasol jersey card.

My next auto is of James Johnson who I have honestly never heard of.

And my final hit of the box is a Jim Jackson autograph redemption which will look like the card above. I have sent in a request to Panini to redeem it even though it's outdated. Hoping I can exchange it as well for something for my PC.
Was a very, very rough break all around. But, it was a free one and a thanks is due to@SCCTradingCards for the contest and the box. If you haven't yet, give them a follow and enter their weekly contests for boxes of all types.  
I will also post when I get the redemption card in or any other updates surrounding it.


  1. This is actually a 2012-13 release, you scared me there, thought I missed a set :) Great pull on the Artist's Proof. I've never actually seen one before. The parallels in this set are kind of lackluster, the retail Above & Beyond is pretty much the same thing, with just embossed words making it different, they aren't serially numbered either. James Johnson is still in the league, he is a backup on the Raptors. Might even see him play tonight! (he wears #3). Good luck with the redemption! They usually do redeem them but sometimes it takes a very long time. I don't mind waiting personally. I pulled Pau Gasol's jersey from my box, lol. My autos were Robert Sacre and Evan Fournier. I got the box back in February 2014 and I just finally finished scanning the cards out of it this week...I put the mirror foils off a long time!

  2. Nice looking cards. Wouldn't mind breaking a box but it does look like a tough break. Part of the deal I guess. You never know. Thanks for the post.