Friday, May 20, 2016

Reminiscing 90's SPECIAL EDITION:1989 Kenner Real Ghostbusters Winston Zeddmore Super Fright Feature Figure

Alright, I have some explaining to do. Yes, this segment is called, Reminiscing 90's. Yes, this is a toy from 1988. Yes, I do know the difference between 90's and 80's. However, I am making a case for this toy and keeping the segment still 90's because I watched the show mostly in the 90s and it ran from 1986-1991. So in order to make sure I do this right, I am keeping the toys as their real years, but I am coming up with random year of either 1990 or 1991 for the posts. That way it's as close to realistic as I can get and keeping tradition going with the posts.

I think my timing on this upcoming Ghostbusters mania is good due to the new movie releasing this year. I still don't know how I feel about that movie yet as I am one for originals of any movie, but we will see.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Key notes for May 20th 1990:
May 20th 1990 was a Sunday
George H.W.Bush was President
Most Popular Movie released in May of 1990 was Back to the Future Part III
Most Popular Book around this time was The Stand by Stephen King
Billboard Hot 100 number-one single on May 20th 1990 was Vogue by Madonna.
Most Popular TV Shows: Answers with Bayless Conley

This is a fun toy to play with, but to put it back together can be a pain. Winston is wearing a suit that you must snap on around him. There is a dome that goes over his head but I lost patience in putting it on so I left it alone. However, a red lever in the back when pushed down makes his head tuck in and the front where the Ghostbusters symbol is his "scared" face pops open!

Winston Zeddemore applied for the open position for the Ghostbusters in the first movie. He basically took the job without any paranormal experience but wanted a paycheck. He was a bit of a brain but was mostly the voice of reason for the Ghostbusters when they really needed it.
At first I struggled trying to find a card(s) to match up with Winston, then I decided that looking at his suit that he looked like a space cadet or someone who would time travel. Then it hit me, time travel+90's=Bill and Ted. Yes, the two time traveling baboons.

So here we go, Pro Set Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Trading Cards.This was a 100 card set that Pro Set put out in 1991. I never completed the set and only saw the movie once, but I do have a few cards kicking around and did like the cartoon series however.


Any thoughts on today's day in history from the 90's, the Toy or the trading cards are welcomed!

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