Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spectacular Advertising

Being a 90's kinda guy, one of the magazines I read from the 90's was Disney Adventures. The magazine discussed some of my favorite 90's Disney cartoons like Ducktales, Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop to name a few. It also contained comics of them as well so it was a well rounded winner.

So recently I found a newer issue, by newer I mean 2007, which was the final run of the magazine that started in 1990 and for fun went through it cover to cover to check it out.

I saw the usual things I remembered and then I came upon a very cool ad...
To me, this was a great advertisement for baseball cards. You combine every kids favorite and very popular Pokemon with baseball cards and you grab some attentions. Not to mention you also put it in the popular magazine that also has the word Disney on it, how do you not make some sales.

I know magazines today are more of a thing of the past (not for me as I prefer physical magazines over online ones) and probably wouldn't be a top ad place, but there is TV and that will never die. So why not do more advertising that way? Especially combining popular things of today with cards. Why not show Olaf from Frozen breaking a few packs of Topps or opening up his own Panini Sticker collection stickers? Why not have an Angry Bird ripping apart an Upper Deck hockey card pack? Or Darth Vader ripping a pack of Topps Star Wars open? I know it will take some investment on the companies sides to pay for use of those things, but I think if we want the youth of today joining in or being interested in today's hobby, I think it's important to see what interests them and use that to our advantage.

Will it help bring a huge up-rise to the hobby? Probably not. But, it may at least bring in a few more youth and those youth may discuss it with others and who knows where that ends up. Anything that can help the hobby grow will be huge.

What do you guys think? Should companies use popular things like Frozen to advertise cards?

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  1. Absolutely! Another place cards should advertise is Sports Illustrated. People who read that are obviously sports fans, how many of them don't even know our hobby exists?