Thursday, May 26, 2016

The 90's Collection:1994 SP Holoview Thomas Lewis

Holograms. One of the 90's greatest innovations. You know I have been a fan of these forever and they are part of the reason I started an Spx Set search for all sports from 96-98. You can keep track of how far I get right HERE.

So in my last trade with Tim Yount, I was pretty excited to had added this sweet insert from 1994 of Thomas Lewis from Sp to my Giants PC. The 3D hologram appeal makes this card stand out even though I couldn't capture it's glimmer in this picture.

Upper Deck included these in their flagship product and they fell at a rate of 1:5 packs. The checklist was very deep on these with 40 cards. Would make for a fun chase for a set.
How many of you collected these for football or baseball? Still have any?


  1. Hell yeah, I collected these. Baseball. Football. Basketball. And hockey! Holoviews rule!

  2. YES!!! I loved the hologram cards! It would be amazing if a company took the effort to bring these back. Just make a hologram of all the guys at the Rookie Premiere, then put them in everything that year!