Friday, May 13, 2016

The Beckett Files:The Missing EDITION= Big Pulls

I am now turning the corner in this series on Beckett. I am going to start discussing things that I miss about the magazine.

How many of you remember a time when this feature was in there?
I do.
One thing that is always fun and something that I request on both my Twitter and Facebook page is for people to post their hits or share some of their favorite cards for me and for others to see. This was a feature in Beckett I really enjoyed. You know, one of those "man what a sick hit" or "man I have one better than that". I tried a couple of times to make it in, but never did. Guess my big pull was only big to me.

It seemed though as time went on that less and less of these were being shown and all of a sudden the feature disappeared. I think it was a sad loss and one I would love for them to bring back and I am pretty sure I am not alone with this.

I know I have a few cards I would try submitting and I am sure others do to. I mean who wouldn't want to be featured in a sports card magazine???

What do you guys think? Do you miss this Beckett feature? Would you submit a card in to be featured? What would that card be? Let me know your thoughts in comments!

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  1. I rarely bust packs or boxes anymore, so most of my "hits" are purchases. However... I always enjoy reading blogs when people pull amazing cards.