Saturday, May 28, 2016

Winners Of Upper Deck ePack

In what was a disappointing turnout for a contest my buddy Tim and I were running together, three people were going to each get an epack if they had serve(d) our great country or were close family members of someone who did.

Well, only three people entered the contest so it wasn't too hard to random the winners as no random was needed.

Congrats to Raz, Grady M and Alec P on each winning an epack. Grady and Alec, please DM @skunkman1998 on Twitter and he will give you instructions on how to claim. Raz, I am not sure if you are on Twitter, if so, please do the same and let me know if so. If not, comment below with your user name on Upper Deck ePack and I will have Tim give you a message that way.

Thanks to everyone who spread the word and for those three that entered.

Plenty more giveaways ahead!

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