Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2016 Yard Sale Find Part 2

The First white box that I opened, was LAODED with 1992 Fleer baseball with a few other surprises within. But I found big time names in the pile of Fleer from Griffey to Glavine to Bagwell and to Bernie Williams. They were all in there. It wasn't a complete set however but there were doubles of every player and I broke it down for my player lots and for giveaways later on.

Some of the extra finds were from 1992 Donruss and from 1992 Pinnacle Baseball. These were the best of the best when it came to the small stack.

And finally scattered throughout were a few Star Trek movie cards. There was also a Magic card (my first ever and tell me if you know any value on it) and an Olympic card.
Not a lot here, but some memories and definitely some baseball star finds.


  1. Nice sheep.

    There wasn't a tradeable copy of Star Trek card #13 in there, eh?

  2. Donruss had some nice action shots of Rickey in 1992.