Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Collectin' Griffey:1994 Donruss 90's Dominators Batting Average

Just think, they were already calling "The Kid" a 90's Dominator in the early 90's, imagine what they would have called him had they waited til the end of the 90's to produce this set or another like it.

I think it would have been 90's Destoryer.

When we think of The Grif, we always remember that sweet swing and how hard the ball was hit with it for Homeruns (I like how the swing is featured on this card). But, what we don't remember is that he also had a great batting average early on in his career hitting for .300+ for the years of 91-94.

Of course later on in his career, the switch to Cincy and the injuries hurt his batting average that is just below .300 for his career at .284.
How many of you own this card or own cards like it? Thoughts on this set?


  1. There are also jumbos available of these. I would like to have seen the design be different between batting average and homerun, but at least the photo is different. I guess that's something.

  2. I don't have this card... but I have the one from the home runs set. I actually didn't realize there were two different sets. I wonder if I had the batting average version, but I gave it away without knowing I needed it.