Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday's With Rodney:1995 Playoff Absolute NFL Die-Cut Helmet

Was there anything else better, well holograms maybe, then acetate and die-cuts in the 90's? Nope.
Today's card is apart of a 30 card set that was inserted n Absolute packs falling at 1:25 packs.There is a full color photo of the player on the front left side and a helmet die cut in the background. mostly on the right

It's a nice looking card for sure especially in that Giants blue.

The back is very bland just featuring a non-colored back of the front. I think having it been the actual back of the player and helmet would have worked this much better.

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  1. At this juncture in my life... I'd pick acetate over holograms. But I'm sure I've flip flopped over the years a few times.