Tuesday, July 5, 2016

An ABSOLUTEly Nice Mail Day

A few weeks ago, I was DM'd on Twitter by friend and Sport Card Collector's reader, @DieselDugong, about a card he thought deserved to be in my hands more than his. Well, that card arrived today and I was in disbelief.

Along with the main card I will show below, he sent along some extra cards too.

Some for my Yankees PC. I really like the Montgomery and this is my first Tyler Austin.

Some for my Giants PC and a couple sub-PC's

And one for my NY Rangers PC.

Then hidden behind the Lundqvist was this beauty.....

A 2013 Absolute Printing Plate 1/1 autograph of David Wilson.
I was in "absolute" shock to see this card in the envelope and am still blown away staring at it.
This fits many PC's with it being David Wilson (who I wished could have played longer but I did enjoy watching his talents for the time he did play), a NY Giant, a Printing Plate and an autograph.
A huge thanks goes out to @DieselDugong for this amazing card and the others as well. I have also found a few cards I think that will look better in your collection then mine I am putting together too so be on the lookout ;)

So what do the rest of you think of my mail day????

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  1. Just got a chance to check this post! Great card!!! I'm jealous, for sure!