Wednesday, July 27, 2016


This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:

Pull Story (no, not Toy Story)

What's your best card(s) pull story? What was your card(s) and what was your reaction?


  1. I have 3 pretty good ones:

    Bought a box of 07 Limited football through the LCS I was working at, had a friend from my other work come down to watch me break it. Pulled an insane Peyton Manning 18/25 sleeve logo patch, just stunned silence. He started collecting off that moment.

    The wife bought me a box of 09 Certified and I pulled an emerald Dallas Clark auto to 5 for my Colts PC. She was so pleased with herself for making the purchase, I was happier to see her reaction than to get the card.

    Finally, a friend told me he was helping his LCS owner sell off his remaining inventory out of a storage unit after the shop was forced to close. He sent me a list of stuff and I bought 2 boxes. Did okay on the first box, 08 Select football, then went to the 2007 Sweet Spot baseball. First card on top was an expired redemption for a case hit dual auto that UD would not honor (a rant for another day) and I thought the tin was dead. I find the Topps parody insert which was still a pretty big deal at the time and still haven't gotten to the autos. I save the SS ball for's the Barry Bonds infamous asterisk auto! Super rare, very high SV and I am in total shock.

    Two of the videos are still on my YT channel, the surprise certified break & "the Broncos 79 presents the best box break of my life" if you want to watch.

    Great topic!

  2. Mini Bo Jackson auto /5, pulled it from a $5 rack pack from Target.

  3. I have pulled a lot of great stuff... hundreds of autographs and relics, more than 1000 serially numbered cards, and an uncountable number of great base cards (which I actually prefer) but one of the most memorable to me was my first 1/1. It was 1999-00 Topps Gold Label, and it was a single pack purchase from my first local dealer. I opened the pack in our Ford Aerostar after we got home and I didn't even know what it was at first as I had never seen a 1/1 before. I have since pulled 8 more 1/1s since then, but that was the most memorable. Oddly enough the 4th 1/1 I pulled was also from a single pack purchase from a different shop, the original ship's owner having retired and closed up in 2002 or 03.

  4. My most memorable was probably my first autograph pull. NFL HOF'er Cris Carter from l998 Score. I thought I had scored the ultimate auto at the time which was Randy Moss, but Carter was a nice consolation prize.

  5. For me I personally haven't pulled many super cards, most of my "pulls" were from group box breaks with someone else doing the pack ripping and pulling my Hit. One exception was way back in the early 1990s with a box of Doctor Who cards made by Cornerstone Cards. They produced 3 series of Doctor Who cards each set being 110 cards or something like that. It was ether series 2 or 3 when they started including autograph cards. This was early 90s before auto cards were standard hits. I pulled a John Levene autograph (Sgt. Benton) just a simple plain white background card with his sharpie signature. NO picture, no serial number nothing super spectacular like they do now days. I need to hunt down the card to see what color sharpie it was. I think it was standard black but it might have been blue or red. They didn't have special "red ink", "blue ink" signatures back then. There was no special ceremony and this was just before the internet began to take off, so nobody was YouTubing their box breaks yet. As for other "best pulls" I have a few faves from group breaks. I have mentioned most of them somewhere on my blog the "autographs" label is probably the best place to start.

  6. In 2012 I bought a blaster box of Allen & Ginter and pulled a 1/1 framed printing plate of Greg Gumbel. While I would have preferred to have a baseball player, I was blown away to receive such a rare card.

  7. I'd say my best pull would either have to be my 1999 UD Retro Incredible Walter Payton autograph. It's from one of my favorite products... and he didn't sign a lot of cards (with the exception of those phone cards of his).