Friday, July 22, 2016

Kolten Wong 2016 Tier One Relic Winner!!

First off, thanks to everyone who entered the contest. There wasn't a big turnout but that just means you all had a 1:14 chance of winning the card.

Also, thanks for the feedback on your favorite segments. It seems Random Card On My Desk is the biggest hit followed by Reminiscing 90's and Hobby Topic.

Let's get to a winner now, shall we?

There were 14 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Jupiterhill
  2. @EEFFL
  4. Justin S
  5. Weelo Wheeland
  6. Tracy LeVeaux
  7. Bradley Defreitas
  8. Wilson
  9. michael wardrop
  10. Tim B
  11. Adam Kaningher
  12. Nick Frank
  13. defgav
  14. Scott N.
Timestamp: 2016-07-22 10:10:11 UTC
You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats to Jupiterhill on the contest win! Please email your addy to and claim within 48 hours or it will be re-given away...again. Please also give a shout out to Topps when you receive the card.

More contests ahead!


  1. Wow, that is pretty cool. Thank you, and I just sent you an email. Topps will be given love on Twitter once I receive the card, and also a shoutout to you as well. Thanks again.

    1. Uh oh, are Cardinals cards allowed to go to Royals fans?

      Kidding, congrats!