Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Let's Talk About Dre

It's been sometime since I last added a new piece of cardboard to my Andre Williams PC.

Well, yesterday a new one arrived thanks to a Twitter follower, my 76th different Andre and my 10th jersey card.

On Twitter, @DMNTakeover hosts a weekly sale of cards that range from many years and spread across many sports. They are all greatly priced and affordable for all, except me. Well this year anyways.

Been a tough year of finances and expenditures so when it comes to the hobby, that has been pushed off to the side when it comes to spending even a couple of dollars. So when this sweet Andre Williams popped up..
in his sales gallery, all I could do was watch it swing on by like many other cards I watch on the DMN Takeover do. Some I could have really used for my PC. But, once again, other things in life are more important right now.

This time however, Andre Williams didn't sneak all of the way by as a Twitter follower swooped in to say that he was buying it for me which completely surprised me.
@NYCollects, who is one of my newer followers, was very generous in picking this up for my PC and I am very grateful to him for doing so. Thanks again man. It's generosity like yours that keeps the hobby community a positive place and I hope to forward that generosity to someone else in the future.

Thoughts on today's card addition or generosity in the hobby is always welcomed!

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