Tuesday, July 19, 2016

This Mail Day From Breakdown Cards Smells, But In A Great Way

Yesterday I received a PWE in the mail from Baseball Card Breakdown from a contest win for his Pull Tab Awareness Week. Both a great cause and a great contest.

This PWE prize lot offered a lot of variety and fun cards. Some Yanks (with a 90's PC card in here too)

A NY Giant. If only Sinorice lived up to Sanata's talents...

Some cool customs that he does. I have no idea how he gave these such a vintage feel, but spot on. Vigoda was actually a thank you note on the back but I am keeping it as a PC card to.


More shiny. This time the Grandy man!

My first Nick Johnson autograph. It's also a Yanks PC piece and serves as a 90's PC card too. Card is a bit odd designed. So much empty space makes the autograph get lost. Funny how the teams symbol is a ship cause now you can say the autograph is lost out in the sea ;)

And the final card in my winnings, a new Griffey PC piece (also I like the Simpsons) a SuperDuper Fractor Magnet. Gold bordered and seems to have a scent to it. Not a cardboard scent, more like a cologne scent. I would actually call this a SuperDuper Scent-Fractor. But, a really cool piece that combines two of my favorite things. It also goes along with the base version I have of this.
A big thanks goes out to Gavin on the winnings and new additions to my PC.
Thoughts on today's mail day are welcomed!


  1. Glad you like! The Griffey also glows, btw.

    1. Cool! Going to check that out too. I tried searching for them on your blog to see which version. Was what but couldn't find them.

      But yes, I really liked it all. Thank you

  2. Great mailday. Also is that Nick Johnson from when he was with the Columbus Clippers? Could be why there is a ship in it. Great auto regardless!