Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Collectin' Griffey:2015 Topps Arche-Types

Topps has really upped their insert designs in the last couple of years in Topps baseball. It to me felt they were really slacking just throwing insert designs together just as filler cards just to get a product done.

Arche-Types is a solid looking insert. I especially like Griffey on it with the Mariners blue against the gold background. Griffey was the last in the set and these fell at a rate of 1:6 packs.


What do you guys think of these or of Topps insert designs the last few years?


  1. It's a solidly designed insert. And I'm always happy to see any Griffey inserts.

  2. There are a handful of inserts that Topps produced over the past few years... but I'm actually on the opposite end of the spectrum. Most of the time I look at Topps flagship inserts and wonder if they produce inserts just for the sake of producing them. I wish they'd produce one or two insert sets, but put the extra effort in creating a unique and interesting design. The last Topps insert set I really wanted to build was last year's Gallery of Great set. To be fair... I haven't purchased any of this year's flagship product, so I don't know much about this year's insert crop.