Monday, August 1, 2016

Forgotten Places:Jerome Bettis

When many of us think of Jerome "The Bus" Bettis, we think about the bruising back from Notre Dame or the guy who bruised defenses for the Steelers. But, how many of us actually remember him playing for the LA/STL Rams?

I bet not many.

Yes, there was a time he wore this from 1993-1996 after being drafted 10th overall in the 1993 draft by them:
Then in 1996, after a downed 1995 season due to a coaches decision to up their passing game, he put this uniform on after a Pittsburgh trade and really made a name for himself. He ran well over 1,000 yards from 96-01. He went on to win the Super Bowl a few years later then retired on top.
I think in the end, Pittsburgh got a great deal for only a third round pick for a Hall Of Fame running back. Imagine what may have been for the Rams had they kept.
So how many of you remember Jerome pre-Pittsburgh days? And what was your favorite Bettis moment overall?


  1. When the Rams came to town in 1995, I bet at least half the jersey sales were Bettis, with most others being Bruce. He really wasn't that great here, so people weren't heartbroken when he left. Of course, shortly thereafter we saw what we could have had, while the guy we drafted to replace him, Lawrence Phillips, was a complete bust.

  2. I barely remember when Bettis played for the Rams. I remember thinking when the Steelers acquired him. Jerome who? But very soon Bettis showed everyone who he really was, a HOF running back that would run right over people, carry people with him on his back and get 3-4 yards per carry by just falling forward it seemed. I loved watching him play for the Steelers and winning the Superbowl before retiring in his home town of Detroit was definitely icing on the cake for a great career!