Saturday, August 6, 2016

Invested In The Hobby

I am invested in the hobby.

But, not like some or most may be.

I know a lot of collectors look at their collection as an investment. I don't. But, that doesn't mean I am not invested in the hobby in other ways.

I invest countless hours in the hobby. Especially on this blog. Reviews, articles like this, contests and making sure I am at least putting something up on the blog daily. It all takes hours and hours believe it or not.

I invest time thinking of ways to get others interested in the hobby. I invest time looking at ways to get a new generation into the hobby. I invest time giving cards to people. I also do invest money in buying packs, boxes and singles (but definitely not like I was able to at one point). I invest time sorting my collection for fun (and that is a lot of time investment). I invest time sorting cards for trades. I invest hours commenting on other blogs. I invest time checking out new info on the hobby. I am even investing time in an idea that may be a good marketing approach for the hobby. Just gotta figure out who to invest my time with to share/sell my idea to.

Sometimes investing can have many branches when it comes to the hobby and as long as your having fun that is what matters most especially if you invest so much into it. I find my investment a good one and hopefully one I am leaving behind a mark with someday when I decide to step away.

I hope you guys have ways to invest in the hobby more than just your collection or monetary reasons.

Let's hear some ways you invest in the hobby :)


  1. I invest in the hobby by getting my kids interested in collecting to help raise a new generation of collectors!

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  3. I just started a blog this week to show off my cards and memorabilia. I wanted let other people see these items so that the card community can grow. Check it out if you have a min and let me know what you think can be improved. Http://

    I also started getting back into collecting so I can show my daughter the things I love and hope she will want to collect for fun too.

  4. Time (sorting, blogging, etc.) + Money (buying cards, boxes, & supplies, gas money to travel to shows, postage, etc.)