Sunday, August 14, 2016

Nuttin But The Hits:2016 Goodwin Champions (Nice Auto)

Today's Nuttin But The Hits is brought to you by one of my other favorite yearly purchases, Goodwin Champions. It's sorta closely related to Allen And Ginter to me but with more cool oddities.

Boxes run about $75 and come with three hits with a combo of..

- Autographs
- Single or dual swatch mem cards
- Origin of Species patch cards
- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Masterpieces Booklets
- The Supernaturals Lenticular cards
- Museum Relics - WWII
- Goodwin Cut Signatures
- Historical Rhetoric Audio Booklets

You also can't forget the red hot Ben Simmons autograph and base card Sp to find in here to. I didn't find one however.

Now the hits:


Black&White SP's. These are cool.


My first relic hit. Not somebody I know, but I like the outside the norm pulls. And this is a toughie for this person, 1:111 packs.

My next hit was a bit disappointing. These are cool looking and all, but price per box and have a relic, auto or something bigger get filled in by a Supernatural lenticular card is a bit tough.There are different levels of rarity on these and mine is 1:84. One of the basic ones.
And my best pull of the box, Kevin Smith autograph. He is from Group C autographs which fall 1:576. Tough pull.
Overall, Smith saved the box. But, it's still a solid product and so much fun packed in here. I hope to be able to bust another box sometime.

Thoughts on today's Nuttin But The Hits break are welcomed below!


  1. These looks less creepy than past years, but still not really my thing. Sweet Kevin Smith auto!

  2. Kevin Smith is awesome, I picked up one of his autographs not long ago.