Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Scored:Grady M Mail Day Part 4

As I have stated, my collecting funds are way down this year and what funds I have had, I have used to ship prizes or trade items with. So I haven't been able to bust much.

But, one product I was able to open was 2016 Score football which was absolutely my opinion. Every insert and base set has their own form of "rainbows" and in this mail day I was able to add some new parts of my insert rainbows and wondering how far I should go in trying to chase down more of these.

Some great 2 card starts throughout with some top notch players..

Numbered versions for Richard Sherman and Fitz.

This is the gold Edelman numbered version.

Gold Zones. These are numbered to 99.

Red Zones are numbered to 35. Nice Amari Cooper here and McCoy is an Artist Proof numbered to 50.

Showcase of Percy Harvin. These are numbered to 99 as well.
I really enjoyed this part of the mail day as I added quite a few new cards and got a solid start on some Score rainbows. There was one card however left off of here on purpose, that one will be showcased later on in this series....


  1. I opened a lot of packs of Score this year (although perhaps foolishly never any hobby packs) so I ended up with numerous insert cards. If you're looking for any specific ones, let me know and I'll see if I can send any your way.

    1. Cool. Nothing specific. I collect whatever lol