Thursday, August 4, 2016

Team vs Player Collecting

For some time I have been fighting the never ending battle of team vs player collecting. I can't ever decide if I want to single out a player or two from my favorite team or go all out with just anyone. I have tried both ends of the spectrum and haven't ever decided which way to go.

For the Giants, I have collected Rueben Randle and Andre Williams. The problem there, Randle is now an Eagle and Williams might not make the team. Both very poor choices by me as I saw the upside in both players in future Giants stars and they now seem to be on their way out of the league.

Which I still will probably pick up their Giants stuff either way. Once a Giant, always a Giant. There just isn't anything past their couple of Giants years stuff.

But, I have also collected the team. There is a lot more options to find players in a Giants uniform, but the word A LOT stands out. There is a lot to collect that way as opposed to singling out a few players.

Now, there are players on the Giants I don't expect to ever leave and are stars of the league in Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. Why don't I collect them exclusively, well, cost is the simple answer. Their stuff is beyond what I can afford.

So how do you guys decide for Team vs Player collecting? Which way do you lean and why? Or do you do both?


  1. Why limit yourself to one or the other? I've never understood why anyone would want to deny themselves enjoyment of the hobby. I collect everything, every player, every team, every set in my two sports and I could not imagine doing anything different. Do I have a lot of super rare stuff? No, but I prefer base cards anyway

  2. I accept all cards of players from my favorite team into my collection, but I don't actively seek them out. I'm not sure if that makes me a team collector by your definition or not.
    I do have a handful of player collections an will try to knock out as many of those of the list as possible.

  3. My collection focuses on both... although sometimes I feel like my eBay purchases lean towards my player collections.