Monday, August 8, 2016

The 90's Collection:1994-1995 Fleer All Star Weekend Patrick Ewing

My Knicks PC doesn't match my other ones as I moved away from collecting them as much since 2000, they year I feel the Knicks became a disgrace, but I still pick up cards from the 90's when I spot them.

Especially when they look this good....
I think anytime you can make a card that resembles the sport represented, you have a winner. I actually only have one minor complaint about the card, I do wished the name was a bit bigger but other than that, looks solid. 

I haven't quite found the odds info on these, but I would assume they fell 1:6 packs or so.

What do you guys think of cards done like this? Cool? Uncool? Why?

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  1. If I remember, the bumps are actually raised on that card? Or was it another card put out around the same time frame? I thought that was a cool feature - the tactile feel of the card.