Monday, August 22, 2016

The 90's Collection:1998 Topps Gold Label Charles Way and Danny Kanell

Simply put, Topps Gold Label may have been the best looking product Topps ever produced and I am beyond excited about it's return to baseball this year.

I mean the layout, the colors the writing and even the cardboard itself is beyond elegant. That's why I had to feature two of the cards from my Giants PC.

The base set was broken down to 3 classes with each class bringing their own parallels. Each class had writing on the back describing which class was what. The design on the front in the writing would display what parallels there were.

If you must know, I was a big fan of this guy. Beast FB!

Kanell on the other hand was on and off with his performances. I just remember how poor QB play the Giants had in the 90's after Phil Simms. Was so great to get Kerry Collins then Eli. You could call it a SUPER turnaround.
I am sure I am not alone about the love of Gold Label. What I wanna know is, what's your best card from the product? Hit a 1/1? Comment below!

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  1. I loved Gold Label as well. The cards were spectacular. I pulled my first 1/1 from a pack on the 1999-00 NBA set. Although I've pulled more 1/1s since then that first one will always be the most memorable.