Monday, August 8, 2016

Trade Mail Day With 90's Niche Football Card Blog Part 1

Pulled off yet another trade with my buddy over at 90's Niche Football Card Blog and scored some pretty sweet cards.

At least in my opinion.

Up first, some new Yanks:

Next, a variety of NY Giants including some new 2016 Score cards I needed, a Sterling Shepard Score rookie and an Eli Apple Prizm rookie.

Up next, a set I am hoping to put together. These are 1995 Sportflix Man2Man inserts. Great lineup of players on the cards and cool design.

I have 5/12 cards in the set so if any of you are sitting on any and don't want them or can't figure out what to do with them, I will give them a good home :)

By the way, these fell at a rate of 1:8 Jumbo Packs. Back in the day, I only pulled one which was the Marino/Aikman after many packs.

Really dig these Clarity inserts. This is my first NY Giant and not a shabby one in Odell.

2 Eli rookies including a cool 2004 Fleer Player Of The Day one. That's something that I haven't seen. I am expecting big things from this offense this year.

And to finish up the first part of this mail day, 4 numbered Giants cards including a new Rueben Randle. Making that Randle card number 101. There is also a low numbered Odell and card number 77 of Andre Williams.
A pretty solid start to kick off our trade mail day. More to come, but those will wait til the first week of September as a welcome countdown to the Giants season kickoff.

By the way, go check out and add 90's Niche Football Card Blog to your blog list while you are at it :) And if you happen to have any GB Packers or Virginia Tech cards you wanna trade, contact him :)

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