Wednesday, September 21, 2016

$1 Yard Sale Boxes Breakdown Part 1

I showed off a garbage bag containing some cards a couple weeks ago and said I would break down what was in there, well, here we go.

Over the next 5 days you will see what was found.

Today, we kick it off with a box of 1991 Fleer Ultra baseball

Inside the box, there were 4 stacks of the infamous  Fleer Ultra and as I expected, the good players were pulled leaving behind a few stragglers that I will use for my PC.

Rookie cards here. The Garces is a odd photo lol.

It's Garces again! Also an actual Denny Neagle rookie card. How many of us remember he was a Twin? I know I didn't.

And the one vet, Ken Griffey. It's actually a new one for my pops end of my Griffey PC so it works.
Overall, $1 for the box. Tons of base, 4 rookie cards and a Griffey. Still worth it to me.

Thoughts on Part 1?


  1. Since the cards all look to be in good shape, definitely worth the $1

  2. I've spent a dollar on dumber things (by far). Looks like you got some bang for your buck there.

  3. Can't go wrong with spending $1 on a sack of cards