Thursday, September 22, 2016

$1 Yard Sale Boxes Breakdown Part 2

I showed off a garbage bag containing some cards a couple weeks ago and said I would break down what was in there, well, here we go.

3 more days to go in this 5 part series for you will see what I found.

Today, we continue on with a box of 1993 Leaf baseball
Inside the box, there were 4 big stacks of 1993 Leaf and as I expected, some of the good players were pulled leaving behind a few stragglers that I will use for my PC.
The best of the vets come here. Sosa and Bagwell. Sadly again, no Griffey Jr. Not that I needed this one.

I used to just toss this kinda card to one side, but now I pause a second as it makes me think of a blogger...(which if you need this one, let me know)

And finally, Mr. Hall Of Fame Mike Piazza.
Overall, a better box than the first just because of the bigger names found. But, still not as good as I was hoping.

Thoughts on Part 2 are welcomed below!


  1. I remember when that Piazza card was selling for big bucks.

  2. I love this set. I think it's a bit underrated, but the city backdrops on the back are awesome. I'm sometimes tempted to put these cards into my binder backwards.

  3. Great set! I don't run across Series 1 that often, mostly just S2.