Friday, September 23, 2016

$1 Yard Sale Boxes Breakdown Part 3

I showed off a garbage bag containing some cards a couple weeks ago and said I would break down what was in there, well, here we go.

2 more days you will to see what was found.

Today, we continue on this time off a box of 1991 Leaf baseball

Inside the box, there were 4 big stacks of 1991 Leaf and as I expected, some of the good players were pulled leaving behind a few stragglers that I will use for my PC.
Once again, no Jr. But, just like with the last box, a few more star stragglers were found.

And out of all of these, there is simply something about the Oz here that stands out. I think it's the red of the Cardinals uni and the photo being different than the rest.
Overall, a better box than the first just because more of the bigger names found. But, still not as good as I was hoping and still no diamonds in the rough.

Thoughts on Part 3 are welcomed below!

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