Saturday, September 24, 2016

$1 Yard Sale Boxes Breakdown Part 4

I showed off a garbage bag containing some cards a couple weeks ago and said I would break down what was in there, well, here we go.

1 more post to go in this 5 part series for you will see what I found. Of course, I saved the best for last tomorrow.

Today, we still must continue on this time with a box of 1992 Fleer Ultra baseball

Inside the box, there were 4 big stacks of 1992 Fleer Ultra and to my surprise this time, some of the good players were actually in there. A good amount of them.

Here are some rookies. Well, not what I would call rookies but what the card companies call rookies. Yes, I am one of those collectors.

Moose! Not a real rookie or a true rookie as I call it, but still a nice find. The photos on these are really sharp and crystal clear. Something just like Stadium Club was known for.

Ripken Jr! Found 3.

And a bunch of other stars from Jeff Bagwell to Craig Biggio to John Smoltz to Greg Maddux
Overall, the best $1 box so far. But, I still saved the best for last so guess you will have to comeback tomorrow and see.

Thoughts on Part 4 are welcomed below!

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  1. I ripped a bunch of '92 Fleer Ultra back in the day. I don't know if it really feels like it's held up over time with me, but I sure loved it back then.