Sunday, September 25, 2016

$1 Yard Sale Boxes Breakdown Part 5

I showed off a garbage bag containing some cards a couple weeks ago and said I would break down what was in there, well, here we go.

I finally saved the best box for last, well, this one isn't really a box like the rest. It's a boxed set of 1989 Topps. There were some good and bad with this part.

The good, well, the gallery of rookies. They were all in there.


Smoltz. His face still cracks me up.


And I pulled this out as I believe it's the error card with the pink on the corner.
The bad, 2 cards from the set were missing. But, with the set only costing new around $5 I guess to lose out on a couple of cards is fine. I like that all of the rookies and error card was still in there and for my PC, that's what matters most. However, with my hobby OCD, I will still need to find a way to fill the set which I am sure I have those cards kicking around somewhere.

Overall, the best $1 box and there is no argument on that. I was a bit disappointed overall hoping to find a hidden gem within the whole lot with so much success in past yard sale finds. But, overall still worth the $5.

I will tell you guys this ahead of time, my mother-in-law did hit up another yard sale a week after with more finds that were much better than these. That first post and parts afterwards coming up soon so stay tuned.

Thoughts on Part 5 are welcomed below!

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