Monday, September 19, 2016

Box Of Goodies:Grady M Strikes AGAIN! Part 8

We continue on with the shiny-goodness gallery.

As I stated in my review for Topps Chrome, I absolutely loved the Future Stars design. Now I have more towards my set needs.

Lot's of Chrome refractors! This group even includes Albert Pujols.

Purple refractors including A-Rod and power hitter Mark Trumbo.

Can't forget about a couple of re/white/blue Prizm parallels.

I couldn't figure out which post to stick these in, so I stuck them in this one knowing tomorrow's post is all about 2016 Topps Chrome.

Low numbered goodness here. 2/5!!

and WATT??!! 8/10 card here!

 When I said this box was loaded with a variety of stuff, I wasn't kidding.

Tomorrow marks the last show off of this mail day and there will be plenty to see.

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