Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Box Of Goodies:Grady M Strikes AGAIN! Part 9

Today marks the finale of my latest mail day from Sport Card Collector's reader, Grady M.

Lot's of 2016 Topps Chrome refractors. Gardner and Chapman for the Yanks PC.

Some more good players mixed in here including Fernandez and Cano.

Some Prism refractors including 3,000 hit master Ichiro and Bat Tossin' Jose Bautista.

Purple and Blue numbered refractors

And many pinks followed with the likes of A-Rod, Tex and Verlander.

Well, this marks the end to another excellent mail day from Grady M. Like I said, this wasn't all of it as it may have taken me a month to post it all.

Many thanks goes out to Grady for this mail day and I hope to put something together for you soon. 

It appears I have a lot of sorting to accomplish and am heading there to start now.

Thanks for reading and checking out this mail day series.

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