Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Only Custom

There is nothing more fun then digging through boxes of random stuff and discovering items you forgot about.

Today's post is just that as I found my first and only ever custom card I put together in a shoe box of paperwork. Not the most ideal place for it, but I must have just tossed it aside and it got lost in the stack.

Now, unlike the rest of you bloggers you are pros at this game, mine was simply put together by hand. I believe Upper Deck held a contest 5 years ago on their Facebook page for fans to create a "new product" by designing their own cards so this was the best I could do.....
I took it appears a white filler card, colored it black, cut out an NHL logo from a magazine and a picture of Alex Ovechkin off from an Upper Deck pack and put it together. I think I called it UD Black Ice. I thought the player looking shiny was the "Ice" part of it. 
I think it looks cool, but definitely no pro look to it. Probably why I lost out on the contest too haha. 

What was your first custom card? Have a pic to share in comments? Let's see or hear about it.


  1. I quite like your design, it kind of reminds me of the current physical Bunt product put out by Topps.

    I honestly never made customs as a kid - didn't pick up on the idea until after I discovered so many awesome works within the blogging community. My first attempt can be found right here:

  2. I really like your custom. It's very resourceful and looks pretty good! I would trade stuff for it.

    I don't do customs right now (maybe someday when I have both the tech and the know-how), but I've been known to draw a decent sketch card every now & then. There will be a few comic book character ones in the post I'll be putting up sometime this afternoon or early evening.

    1. You are being humble my friend. Your sketch cards are fantastic.

  3. Looks good! Sometimes simple is better.

    Never attempted a custom card myself....

  4. Used to do them more often, but here's a good sampling. Not sure what my first one was.