Friday, September 9, 2016

NYG Week Part 5:Replacing A Redemption #1

Well, as with all of my redemptions that don't get filled after the 4-month deadline, I get them replaced.

No different with my latest two redemptions. I got them both replaced and showing the results off today and tomorrow.

I much prefer getting a card from a player on my team then a card I didn't want in the first place. I mean, who doesn't?

So when the 4-months hit on my redemption for a 2015 Donruss Signature Series Rookie Jersey auto of Buck Allen had reached it's point, I requested from Panini (who are the best at these replacments) something Giants for it. Here is what I got....
Not too bad. My first autograph of his as well. Hopefully this year he will be able to stay on the field and play and make an impact on a defense that really needs it and add some depth to the D-line.

My second card, coming tomorrow, is much more of an upgrade. Stay tuned!

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